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Hot Tips for Real Estate Investors

ISBN: 0-9696774-8-4

I. Introduction

Hot Tips for Real Estate Investors first appeared in 1993 and has now sold 7000 copies. In Canada it is a best-seller. Hot Tips follows the investment track of Ms. Aqlim Barlas who levers $5000 into a little empire of six houses and four condos. In the process Aqlim uses boldness and imagination to evolve a brilliant investment strategy which can be used for ‘leverage’ or for buying a single dwelling. The strategy works in any country.

Written in a lively, question and answer format. Easy to digest.
120 pages, with photos and a few graphs.

$15.00 (Can). Volume discounts available for clubs, realtors, etc.

Use Hot Tips as a gift to inspire a young person to buy their first condo. Show them my free essay, "Why your kids should buy a condo".

Realtors: Buy several at a discount and give copies to prospective clients. In your next ad offer a freebie to anyone who will meet with you to discuss their real estate needs. Hot Tips will inspire them to work with you.

Hot Tips for Real Estate Investors:


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"Why Your Kids Should Buy a Condo"
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Hot Tips for Real Estate Investors

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