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Hot Tips for Real Estate Investors

V. What Critics Say

“The insight into how first time buyers can raise a downpayment is worth the price of the book alone. A book for buyers who want to work proactively with their realtors.”
(“Real Estate Weekly,” May 21, 1996)

“The principles in Hot Tips apply to almost any market.”
(Mike Grenby, syndicated financial columnist).

“An inspiring story of courage. I also enjoyed your dry sense of humor. Unusual In a real estate book!”
(Ms. J. K., Victoria, British Columbia)

“I’ve looked at every real estate book in the Seattle Public Library. Yours is easily the best, the clearest, the most useful (...).”
(Mr. M.M., Seattle).

“Thank you for sending Hot Tips. I enjoyed it so much that I am sending for one more copy to give to my son who is thinking of buying his first apartment. Hot Tips will be his guide I’m sure.”
(Mrs. H.H., New Westminster, British Columbia).

“I bought five copies of Hot Tips and showed one client the part where Aqlim first borrows on her equity, buys a condo and rents it out. Within a week my client went out with me and bought a condo.”
(A realtor in White Rock, B.C.)

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Hot Tips for Real Estate Investors

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