This 125 page book contains 24 outstanding love songs in the Spanish language. They cover a wide range of genres, recording artists and countries. The book comes with a free CD.

Listening to songs and studying them is one of the best ways to acquire good pronunciation and an appreciation of the inherent musicality of Spanish. You also learn new vocabulary, idioms, and grammar points. Last but not least, "Love Songs in Spanish" gives you cultural insight.

Each song comes with a reliable Spanish version, an accurate translation (using the interlinear format as much as possible),language notes and information on composers, lyricists and recording artists.

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Click here for further information: reviewers' comments, author's preface, table of contents, two sample songs, cloze outlines. This book is radically new; there is nothing else like it on the market.

Click here for Hispania Review, December 2016.

You can read about the author, Robert Thomson, by clicking here.

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