“The Song as the Student’s Muse” is part of a series called “Multi-media Teaching Ideas”.  These ideas for enlivening one’s English program were developed by Robert Thomson over a period of twenty years. They have been tested in the classroom many times.

“The Song as the Student’s Muse” is based on the premise that many popular songs of the past fifty years are rich in content and, if listened to attentively and then discussed in the classroom, inspire students to write about their own world and understand it better. Working on songs also provides an effective seque to studying some of the poetry in your curriculum.

If you order this teaching aid you are paying for a downloadable  pdf file.  To order, click here and follow the cues.  47 pages. Price: $6.95

Below are six sample pages of the book. They include the table of contents, a page explaining the method (p. 8), and the first four pages of the chapter called “Growing up in conflict” (pp. 10-13).

Here are six sample pages (pdf)